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Contact us for any instrument repairs or making
(price list at bottom of page)

Telephone 07929 892077

Our workshop is in Woodford, Northamptonshire


Developed in 1996 and modified in 2022. This hard tail guitar features; custom hand wound stacked pickups, solid brass and stainless-steel bridge assembly and custom nickel silver jack plate. All parts except machine heads, strings and electrical components (excluding pickups) were hand made.

Gatekeeper Mandolin

Repair Work

We welcome any enquiry, please feel free to contact us to discuss your repair or custom work.

Below is our guide price list for routine repairs.

• Please bear in mind repair prices listed are conditional to our prior assessment of instrument
• we have a minimum bench charge of £45, covering one hour of labour
• Unlisted repairs are based on £45 per hour labour charge
• All prices below are subject to adding the cost of any materials, parts, or strings required
• This is a guide list – prices may change if we encounter unforeseen extra work – we will advise on this
• As of August 2023 all payments made via card reader (zettle machine) will have a 1.75% surcharge to cover our costs

Restring and minor action adjustments
£45 per hour (1hr minimum charge) plus string/parts

Full set up – in depth set up including checking fret seating, full fret dress, restring, action (via truss rod and nut/bridge adjustments) and intonation
• 4 or 6 string electric/acoustic instruments – £95
• 6 string locking trem electric guitars – £115
• 12 string electric/acoustic instruments – £115

Refrets – 18% nickel silver wire, please bear in mind the nut may also need replacing if the slots are found to be cut too low (prices based on up to 22 frets)
We do not re-lacquer maple boards
• Unbound board – £210 / £252*
• With binding – £230 / £276*
*20% uplift for stainless steel

Electronics – costed out at £45 per hour

Nut replacement – (plus cost of blank)
• Narrow type – £48
• Large type – £63
• Gibson (lacquer work may be required) £75
• Large 12 string nut – £90

Bridge saddle replacement (acoustic)
£48 plus cost of blank (one piece bone saddle)