Our Process

Consultation and design

Once you get in contact with us we begin to discuss your requirements for your instrument. We have the flexibility to specify colours and materials from a selection of tested options.


After the details of your order are decided the craftsmanship starts. Each guitar starts life from blanks of selected wood and begins its journey either by hand or on the CNC machine for rough shaping. We hand shape each guitar to its final dimensions, so they all have that personal touch which is so essential. All our custom hardware is designed and manufactured.

Finishing and assembly

This is where the instrument comes together and you get a glimpse of the final piece for the fist time. We finish our guitars, usually with a nitro cellulose lacquer colour of your choice or another finish pre decided. They are then assembled where all the elements meet to create one well considered assembly.

Testing and delivery

Set-up is the most important part of a players instrument, and this is where we go next. Each instrument is set up to play with ease and get the most out of it. Final steps are collection or delivery where you get to see and try your creation in person for the first time.